Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management


1. Title and Origin:

• Diploma in Hospitality Management (DHM)
• American Center for Education

2. Program Summary:

The HM courses focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the hospitality management speciality, to provide students with relevant knowledge that can help them achieve their dreams of rewarding future careers in the exciting hospitality industry. Graduates in hospitality management go on to secure positions such as hotel general manager, housekeeping/maintenance director, hotel sales and marketing director, banquet/catering manager, restaurant/bar manager, casino operations & event management. Students may go on to apply for enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program in International Hotel & Resort management or a related course/program.

3. Entry Requirements:
Academic Requirements:

Score C6 or above in any three GCE O-level subjects, or

Completed Year 2 of High School, or

Equivalent or above

Minimum age: 17

English Requirements:

Scored C6 or above in GCE O-level English, or

TOEFL IBT 54, or IELTS 5.0, or

Its equivalent

4. Total Course Duration/Instruction Hours:
• Full Time: Theory study, 6 Months/270 hours, 5 sessions per week x 3 hours; On-the-job training (OJT), 6 months
• Part Time: Theory study, 9 Months/270 hours, 4 sessions per week x 2 hours

5. Mode of Delivery and Intake:
• Delivery: Lectures and Tutorials (Face to face)
• Intake: Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov of each year
*Note: The course intake months might be adjusted.

6. Course Fees:

• Please click here to find out the relevant fee details.

• Please follow your signed student contract to make the relevant payment.

• Students and parents shall transfer the course fees directly to ACE bank account or make the payment to ACE finance department.

• Students and parents shall pay attention to the risk of paying course fees through recruitment agents or other third parties.

7. Course Synopses and Module Description:

Please contact us for the latest Course Synopses.

Non Major Modules:

• SEN 101: English Writing 1

• SEN 102: English Writing 2

• SENGC 1103: Business English Writing

• SENGL 101: Freshman English for International Students

• SCOMM 1111: Interpersonal Communications

• SCSTA 116: Business and Professional Communication

• SECON 202: Principles of Macroeconomics

• SECON 201: Principles of Microeconomics

• SACCT 231: Principles of Accounting 1

• SMGMT 250: Global Business Society

• SPHIL 320M: Business Ethics

• SMIS 100M: Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations

• SCSIS 215: Information Systems for Business Management

• SBIS 311: International Business

• SMNGT 480M: International Marketing

• SECON 100: Modern Economics

• SPSYC 101: General Psychology

• SSOCI 100: Introduction to Sociology

• Operations Management

• Technology and Cyberspace: Ethics and Issues

• Information Privacy, Security and Continuity

• Essentials of E-Commerce

• Personal and Professional Development

• Strategic Change Management

Major Modules:

• SHSMA 1103: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

• SHSMA 2173: Convention and Meeting Management

• SHSMA 2144: Food/Beverage Management Cost Control

• SHSMA 2172: Hospitality Sales and Marketing Management

• SHSMA 1162: Hotel Lodging / Management

• SHSMA 1143: Principles of Food Production and Sanitation

• SHSMA 2174: Front Office Operations

• SHSMA 2201: Tourism Management

• SHSMA 2202: Human Resource Management in Hospitality

• SHSMA 2203: Beverage Management

Internship Module:

• SHSMA 2096: Internship in Hospitality; Food and Beverage

8. Graduation Requirement
• Pass any 3 SHSMA Major Modules
• Pass total 6 Modules (Non-major and Major Modules)
• Pass an Internship Module (or being replaced by a Final Project with an approval)

9. Assessment Methods:
• Assignment (Homework, Quizzes, Group work & etc)
• Mid-Term Examination
• Final Examination

10. Lecturers:
Please refer to this page for the relevant lecturers being assigned to the relevant modules.

If you need any extra information about this course, please click here to write to ACE course consultants.


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